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Aerial shows

"Be moved by our flying shows caressed with magic and elegance that go beyond gravity"

Aerial Duo

Duo silks

Strength, focus, trust, beauty, soft.

This is how we feel when we perform.

There is no room for mistakes, all there is,

is this moment of pure adrenaline.

A passion we want to share with you and make you fly with us.

Duo straps

Flying has always been a dream for us, so we went beyond our beliefs and did it.

As we were flying we decided to dance, a powerful, mystical, uplifting and energetic moment that brings us closer to the sky.

Will you join us for a dance?

Aerial Duo


For both of these aerial shows, we have our own freestanding rig. 

The height is 7m and it takes up a floor space of 7m x 7m x 7m triangle.

*For our straps show we have a rigger that works with us, and a motor to be added as extras

Ibiza Duo Aerial "Take a Breath" by Alchemy Flame
Duo straps showreel "Alchemy Flame"
Aerial Show Ibiza - Alchemy Flame
Alchemy Flame - Aerial Performance | Sofar Ibiza


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