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Fire Shows

Design your dream shows, crafted for unforgettable moments.

Step 1

Choose from


Choreographed show

Freestyle sets

  • High-impact choreographed show set to original music

  • 12 min show

  • Mesmerizing attention on the show

  • Recommended for weddings and dinner shows.

  • Unforgettable sets synced to the venue's music for an immersive experience

  • 2 x 10 min sets

  • Unleash surprise and interactivity

  • Recommended for birthdays and parties.

Step 2

Choose from



Solo show


Duo show

  • Solo Show:
    Start from 350€.
    Requiring a safe and flat performance area of 3x3 meter, featuring elegant black costume.

  • Duo Show:
    ​Start from 700€.
    *Popular choice

    Requiring a safe and flat performance area of 4x4 meter, featuring elegant black costume.


Group show

  • Group Show:
    Start from 1500€.
    Requiring a safe and flat performance area of 5x5 meter, featuring elegant black costume.

Step 3

Choose one or multiple


Special effetcs

From 50€ to 100€

  • Fire blowing effect:
    Experience the magic of our instant-burning fine powder for a spectacular, safe, and explosive show.

  • Red flair effect:
    Captivate from the start, our powerful entrance demands your
    full attention.

  • Pyrotechnic:
    Our most impactful effect, a breathtaking finale to leave you
    in awe.

  • Fire heart:
    Create lifelong memories with our unforgettable fire heart tailored for weddings.

Step 4

Choose one or multiple


Themed costume

+ 100€ p/p

  • Steampunk:
    Step into a world of wonder with our mesmerizing Steampunk costume options.

  • Tribal:
    Embrace the primal spirit with our captivating tribal costume selection.

  • Circus:
    Experience the enchantment of the circus with our dazzling costume collection

  • Burning man:
    Fuel the Burning Man vibe with our extraordinary costume choices

Step 4

Choose one or multiple




Personalised themes

  • Personalised themes:
    Start from 100€ p/p
    Leave it to us to craft and design your dream theme for your events.

    *For personalized costumes, simply provide your preferences in the final step before you send us your proposal.


Make up

  • Bodypainter / Make up artist:
    Start from 250€
    Unleash your wildest visions with our mesmerizing body painting artists.


Extra sets

  • Extra sets:
    + 100€ p/p

    Request additional sets to extend the fiery magic at your event.

You're almost there!

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fire show

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