Mirror suits

"The beauty you see in me, is a reflection of you"

We have created full body mirror costumes with bright beams

shining through to reflect the light making them perfect for our LED show 


futuristic leds

In a distant future, ordered by technology and consciousness; we present the latest designs to bring you into an advanced world.

For our light show we have made special full body costumes, each with 25 metres of coloured 

LED wires intertwined to reflect with the lasers and create a dynamic effect.



Steampunk originates from the industrialised 19th century, exploring a mixture of retro futuristic, fantasy, and aesthetic designs.


Our costumes have been inspired by the old mechanisms and technology of this victorian era's science fiction.

This theme has been created for stilt walking as interactive characters, and can be used with our fire show.




Tribal refers to the ancient tribal culture, with groups of people from the distant past showing where our

roots came from and how far our ancestors have travelled in lineages.


Our tribal fire show includes detailed leather costumes and has been choreographed with

a great percussionist to create the tribal atmosphere. 

white circus

Our aerial costumes have been inspired by "swan lake" and the "cirque du soleil" with a modern and contemporary approach.


This theme is particularily suited for weddings and coorporate events. 


vintage circus

Vintage Circus describes the old fashion style circus; the beginning of the circus with the first shows becoming noticed. It is the time around the early 19th century and the shows and costume were made simple but chic.


We have made these costumes to suit our duo aerial and trapeze shows,

fire shows or as interactive stilt characters.

Behind the scenes

 "Here you will find pictures behind the scenes showing the preparation and making and of our costumes and shows"