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Dancers ibiza
Dancers ibiza
Dancers 3
Dancers ibiza
Dancers ibiza
Dancers ibiza

Design your dream shows, crafted for unforgettable moments.

Choose between:

Choreographed show

Freestyle sets

  • Enchanting choreographed show set to original music

  • 15 to 25 min show

  • Mesmerizing attention on the show

  • Recommended for weddings and dinner shows.

  • Unforgettable sets synced to the venue's music for an immersive experience

  • 2 x 10 min sets

  • Unleash surprise and interactivity

  • Recommended for birthdays and parties.


Dancers 5.jpg
Dancers 3.jpg


Dancers 6.jpg

Feel the rhythm of the music as our skilled dancers take the stage, weaving tales of passion and emotion through their graceful movements.


Choose one or multiple



Personalised themes:

Leave it to us to craft and design your dream theme for your events.


Bodypainter / Make up artist:

Unleash your wildest visions with our mesmerizing body painting artists.

Dancers 2.jpg

Extra sets:

Request additional sets to extend the fiery magic at your event.

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