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Fire shows

"Experience the magic of our fire performances, which range from beautifully uplifting to fierce and high energy. Our skilled performers will ignite your audiences senses and leave them captivated"

Fire show duo

Duo show

This is a high impact show.


It is designed to keep you on the edge so you can experience the most powerful element of nature with all it's beauty simultaneously.


It includes breathtaking fire effects and mesmerising visual choreography with the choice of a fierce shamanic music or an upbeat energetic show.

Wedding show

You will never forget this moment.


This show was designed especially for weddings to create a special moment at the end of your magical day. 

You will feel the heat and the passion throughout the whole show, a union of wild and grace ending with a explosion of emotions.

Pyro Show Heart
Pyrotechnics Special Effects

group show

Less is more but this time more is a lot more.


If you would like to add a wow factor to your event, then we have the perfect choreographed group fire shows for you.

We suggest a maximum of 6 performers for safety, but we are open to discuss if the space is big enough to fit more. 

Special effects

Special Effects Fire
Red Flare Fire Effect
Pyrotechnic special effect

Dragon breath effect.

We use a fine powder that burns instantly in the air and give a spectacular explosive result.

It is the safest effect we can offer you

Red flair effect


Used in the beginning of our show to create a powerful entrance to captivate your full attention.


Our most impactful effect we can give you.

Used at the end of the show for an incredible finale.


Alchemy Flame / Lycopodium & Pyrotechnics Show
fire show
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