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Fire Shows

Fire show ibiza
Fire show ibiza
Fire show ibiza
Fire show ibiza
Fire show ibiza
Fire show ibiza
Fire show ibiza
Fire show ibiza
Fire show ibiza
Fire show ibiza
Fire show ibiza
Fire show ibiza
Fire show ibiza

Design your dream shows, crafted for unforgettable moments.

Choose between:

Choreographed show

Freestyle sets

  • Enchanting choreographed show set to original music

  • 12 min show

  • Mesmerizing attention on the show

  • Recommended for weddings and dinner shows.

  • Unforgettable sets synced to the venue's music for an immersive experience

  • 2 x 10 min sets

  • Unleash surprise and interactivity

  • Recommended for birthdays and parties.

Fire Show

Choose between:


Solo fire show

Duo fire show

Group fire show

Ignite your event with our mesmerizing fire show, adding a touch of exhilarating spectacle
to your special occasion.


Requiring a safe and flat performance area of 3x3 to 5x5 meter depending on the show selected.

Special effects

Choose between:


Fire Dragon effect 2.jpg
Fire Heart_edited.jpg

Dragon breath effect

Red flaire effect

Pyrotechnics effect

Fire heart effect

Experience of our instant-burning  spectacular, safe, and explosive dragon breath effect.

Captivate from the start, our powerful entrance demands your full attention.

Our most impactful effect, a breathtaking finale to leave you in awe.

Create lifelong memories with our unforgettable fire heart tailored for weddings.


A safe and clear space must be provided at the venue for some of these special effects,

get in touch with us for further details.


Choose one or multiple



Personalised themes:

Leave it to us to craft and design your dream theme for your events.


Bodypainter / Make up artist:

Unleash your wildest visions with our mesmerizing body painting artists.


Extra sets:

Request additional sets to extend the fiery magic at your event.

You're almost there!

Finalize your request 

Explore more shows 

fire show

fire show

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